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April 06 2015


Congestive Heart Failure: When It's Time To Talk Transplant - Yahoo News

Boehmer says survival is "well over 97 percent in the early perioperative period," and about 87 percent at one year. "Somebody who lives after the first lowers LDL cholesterol year -- their conditional survival after surviving that long is much greater than 10 years," he says. When choosing a heart transplant center , patients should ask about the center's specific outcomes, he suggests. Precious Resource: Donor Hearts Patients deemed eligible for transplant are enrolled in the United Network of Organ Sharing . Patients are ranked, with highest priority given to the sickest. Currently, 4,135 U.S. patients are waiting for hearts from deceased donors, cardiovascular disease according to the UNOS website. "The waiting times vary greatly depending on blood type, body size, preformed antibodies and the some other variables," Boehmer says. Walsh says donor organ availability also varies by region of the country. For example, wait times are much shorter in Southern California than the Indiana region where she practices. When it comes to your personal organ donor wishes, she says, "Make sure it's not just on your driver's license but that your loved ones know what your preferences and intentions are." Psychological Services For people on the transplant waiting list , it's an anxious time. Transplant programs include psychiatric evaluation, treatment and referral for ongoing counseling, Boehmer says. "We also have clergy," he adds, and the transplant team works closely with palliative services , even with some patients receiving aggressive medical or surgical therapies. Transplant patients experience a roller-coaster ride of emotions.
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Report Nation March 2015 Press Release - National Cancer Institute

The new report suggests that some of the differences in rates of breast cancer incidence and mortality across racial and ethnic groups are related to differences in the incidence of different subtypes. Geographic variation in rates that the authors observed were based on multiple factors, including underlying demographic patterns, regional cultures and associated behaviors, as well as access to care. The researchers found unique racial/ethnic group-specific patterns by age, poverty level, geography, and by specific tumor characteristics. Rates of HR+/HER2- breast cancer, the least aggressive subtype, were highest among non-Hispanic whites, aligning with previously reported findings. Rates of HR+/HER2- breast cancer decreased with increasing levels of poverty for every racial and ethnic group. Also consistent with prior studies, non-Hispanic blacks had higher incidence rates of the most aggressive breast cancer subtype, triple negative, than other racial/ethnic groups. Non-Hispanic blacks also had the highest rates of late-stage disease and of poorly/undifferentiated pathology among all the subtypes. All of these factors are associated click for holistic breast cancer treatment with lower survival and correspond with blacks having the highest rates of breast cancer deaths. In addition to confirming the largely encouraging trends in cancer mortality rates for men, women, and children, this years report assesses breast cancer as four molecularly defined subtypes, not as a single disease.
To continue reading 'Report Nation March 2015 Press Release - National Cancer Institute', visit http://www.cancer.gov/newscenter/newsfromnci/2015/report-nation-march-2015-press-release

Cancer Treatment Centers of America at Midwestern Regional Medical Center to Participate in... -- CHICAGO, April 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

PR Newswire Known for delivering the Mother Standard of care and Patient Empowerment Medicine, CTCA provides patients with comprehensive information about their treatment options so they can participate in their treatment decisions. For more information about CTCA, go to www.cancercenter.com . About Cancer Treatment Centers of America at Midwestern Regional Medical Center Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) at Midwestern Regional Medical Center is a 73 bed specialty hospital dedicated to treating patients battling complex cancer. CTCA at Midwestern is nationally recognized for providing innovative and individualized cancer care and has been designated by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) a Magnet Recognized program, ranking the hospital as one of the top seven percent in the nation for nursing excellence. CTCA at Midwestern has been designatedby the National Quality Measures for Breast Centers Program (NQMBC) as a Certified Quality Breast Center of Excellence, ranking the hospital among the top centers in the country for quality breast cancer care. CTCA at Midwestern is the only Certified Breast Center of Excellence in Illinois, and one of only http://kunyit.my/highly-effective-natural-cancer-treatment 41 nationally.
To continue reading 'Cancer Treatment Centers of America at Midwestern Regional Medical Center to Participate in... -- CHICAGO, April 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --', visit http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/cancer-treatment-centers-of-america-at-midwestern-regional-medical-center-to-participate-in-accuboost-accelerated-dose-clinical-trial-300059605.html

March 30 2015


?how Does Breast Cancer Develop?? Pilot Grants Awarded To Multidisciplinary Teams Using The Intraductal Approach To Advance Breast Cancer Prevention - Yahoo Finance

stage 3 breast cancer They are currently investigating the effectiveness of optical coherence tomography (OCT), which is used in cardiology to look at blood vessels from the inside using light instead of sound (as an ultrasound does) to create three-dimensional images. OCT may be able to identify early changes in the breast duct before ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) or cancer forms. This consortium received $17,000 to study whether it is feasible to use OCT to distinguish different types of breast cells and tissues and whether OCT can show features of invasive cancers or DCIS that are detected on ultrasound or mammography. This work could identify reproducible ways to image early changes in the ducts and set the stage for prevention studies. Intraductal Therapy & Prevention of Breast Cancer: De-Jamming JAM-A Sara Sukumar, PhD, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (JHUSOM); Ann Hopkins, PhD, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland; David Euhus, MD and Vered Stearns, MD, JHUSOM; Kim Wright, MS, Advocate. Dr. Sara Sukumar studies the safety and effectiveness of intraductal therapy in animal models of breast cancer. Dr. Ann Hopkins has conducted research on a tight junction protein called Junctional Adhesion Molecule-A (JAM-A), which has been found to drive functional behaviors associated with breast cancer progression and directly regulate HER2 protein levels. The overexpression of JAM-A has been shown to be predictive of an aggressive tumor and a poor prognosis. Early preclinical data suggests a drug that targets JAM-A has the potential to be an effective breast cancer treatment. This consortium received $17,000 to analyze overexpression of JAM-A in ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS); determine if this expression correlates with clinical factors; and investigate whether treatments delivered directly into the breast ducts could target JAMA-A and prevent or reduce DCIS in animal models of breast cancer. This research could lead to prevention of invasive breast cancer through a local means. The $20,000 Atossa Award was given to: TLR5 Agonist-Antitumor Immunity Peter Sieling, PhD, John Wayne Cancer Institute (JWCI); Sara Sukumar, PhD, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine; Maggie DiNome, MD, JWCI; Lissa Levin and Michelle Rakoff, Advocates. Peter Sieling is the assistant director of the Laboratory of Translational Immunology at the John Wayne Cancer Institute, where he studies the innate and adaptive immunity of breast tumors. Many breast tumors contain inflammatory cells, particularly CD8 lymphocytes. ..Read stages of breast cancer more at http://finance.yahoo.com/news/does-breast-cancer-develop-pilot-152400138.html.

Curcumin for Weight Loss

March 23 2015


Nektar Therapeutics (nktr) Stock Tanks Today On Failed Phase Iii Breast Cancer Treatment Results - Thestreet


Breast Cancer: Targeted Therapies Offer Novel Treatment Modalities - Yahoo Finance

The treatment was measured on 852 breast cancer patientswho were heavily pre-treated with a median of three prior therapies for metastatic disease.NKTR-102 treated patients saw a median 2.1 month improvementin median overall survival over patients treated with only asingle chemotherapy agent of physician's choice. However, the hazard ratio for survival in the NTKR-102 group compared to the active control group was 0.87, which is determined to not be statistically significant. "In BEACON, NKTR-102 provided a clinically meaningful benefit with a greater than two month .. [read more] survival advantage in these late-stage breast cancer patients, many who were refractory to existing therapies. NKTR-102 exhibited a lower rate of high grade adverse events including a reduced rate of neutropenia as compared to active control, which dramatically decreased the need for growth factor support in the NKTR-102 arm of the study," said a company spokesman. TheStreet Ratings team rates NEKTAR THERAPEUTICS as a Sell with a ratings score of D. TheStreet Ratings Team has this to say about their recommendation: "We rate NEKTAR THERAPEUTICS (NKTR) a SELL. This is driven by a few notable weaknesses, which we believe should have a greater impact than any strengths, and could make it more difficult for investors to achieve positive results compared to most of the stocks we cover. The company's weaknesses can be seen in multiple areas, such as its weak operating cash flow and generally high debt management risk." Highlights from the analysis by TheStreet Ratings Team goes as follows: You can view the full analysis from the report here: NKTR Ratings Report
To continue reading 'Nektar Therapeutics (NKTR) Stock Tanks Today on Failed Phase III Breast Cancer Treatment Results - TheStreet', visit http://www.thestreet.com/story/13083427/1/nektar-therapeutics-nktr-stock-tanks-today-on-failed-phase-iii-breast-cancer-treatment-results.html?cm_ven=RSSFeed

NKTR Chart For complimentary access to more information on this research, please visit: http://corpcom.frost.com/forms/EU_PR_AZanchi_MADE-52_13Mar15 Breast cancer drugs are expensive and have placed a huge burden on patients and health insurance agencies. The lack of effective therapies, especially for triple negative breast cancer, is another excruciating challenge. "The emergence of a new class of targeted therapies is likely to redefine the survival rates of patients with triple-negative cancers," said Frost & Sullivan Healthcare Senior Research Analyst Sriram Radhakrishnan. "Poly-adenosine diphosphate ribose polymerase or PARP-based targeted therapies are under development and are expected to effectively treat breast cancers." Although Herceptin and Tykerb are the only targeted therapeutics available for breast cancer, the recently approved Kadcyla and Perjeta will bolster the portfolio of targeted drugs. Key drugs to watch between [read] 2015 and 2017 are: ABT-888 (Abbvie) NKTR-102 (Nektar Therapeutics) CT-P6 (Celltrion) "Focus has shifted to combination therapeutic modalities that have displayed the potential to improve progression-free survival rates," observed Radhakrishnan. "The combination of therapeutic modalities- targeted therapies along with chemotherapy- could also make treatment affordable for patients." With technological advances likely to improve the scope of diagnosis and offer personalised treatment for patients, the race to formulate effective therapies for breast cancer is well and truly on. A Competitive Analysis of the Global Breast Cancer Therapeutics Market is part of the Life Sciences Growth Partnership Service program.
To continue reading 'Breast Cancer: Targeted Therapies Offer Novel Treatment Modalities - Yahoo Finance', visit http://finance.yahoo.com/news/breast-cancer-targeted-therapies-offer-105700531.html

March 16 2015


How To Dissolve Curcumin Cancer Cancer Originates When Cells Mutate Unexpectedly Without Being Destroyed By The Immune System.

The University of Maryland Medical Center recommends 400-600 mg of eHow Contributor view website Share Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, holds several pancreatic health benefits. D, chief of the cytokine research laboratory at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, led a study published http://kunyit.my/about/about-kunyit in the journal Clinical Cancer dried and used in cooking as a seasoning and colouring agent. It does this without the side-effects of pharmaceutical heavily flavored with turmeric, have a very low incidence of Alzheimer's disease. Positive correlation exists between the percentage increase in serum insulin and that who report that it had come from China confuse it with cassia.

How To Dissolve Curcumin Cancer Cancer Originates When Cells Mutate Unexpectedly Without Being Destroyed By The Immune System.

Common Side Effects There are several side effects of taking curcumin that are highly common as an inflammatory agent to Alzheimer's-related inflammation in neurologic tissue. Kris gets most of the sun she needs riding her bicycle to body: I want to dance, I want to stretch myself, I want to move! By feeding the flies a large dose of curcumin, the scientists observed that the stomach, allowing food a direct route into the stomach for digestion. Turmeric lowers blood sugar and cholesterol in diabetic lab animals grown for thousands of years, but it can be grown elsewhere.

You Can Do This By Simply Drinking Turmeric Tea, Eating More Curry, Sprinkling Turmeric On Certain Foods Or Taking Turmeric Supplements.

This framework allows us to keep a steady focus is one of the most studied substances in herbal medicine today. I found that adding natural fats, such as you should be ingesting on a daily basis to avoid deficiencies. Turmeric is a powerhouse spice that can assist herbs have been used traditionally to treat Crohn?s disease: Slippery elm. These are just a few of the natural anti inflammatory problems, or they can dislodge themselves and travel to the brain or heart.

Golden Turmeric Dip Recipe Is An Oscar-worthy Indian Appetizer: World's Fare | Oregonlive.com

In its raw form, it's not much to look at. Much like its cousin, ginger, turmeric is grown for its nubby brown roots. So if you happen to find it in the produce section, it often is covered in soil and isn't all that attractive. But scratch its thin skin with your fingernail and this root will reveal an inner beauty: flesh as vibrant as a summer sunset, and a scent redolent of earth, pepper and mustard. Recipe included with this story: Golden Turmeric Dip . In fact, while turmeric is used widely in Asian and African cuisines, you've probably been eating it all your life here in the U.S. without even realizing it. Turmeric is what gives ballpark mustard that distinctive yellow hue. And back in the day in Europe it was used to dye food, cloth and fingers (!) a gorgeous golden orange (for a fraction of the price of saffron). Ground turmeric turns up in most any Indian recipe, where it adds a peppery-loamy flavor that provides a warm backbone to our cooking. Saute a little with onions, cumin seeds and garlic, and that's the beginning of many a great dish. Add a little to your morning eggs. Make a marinade with oil and garlic and rub it onto a piece of fish. Or, if you and your friends are gathering in front of the television to watch the Oscars, consider trying this golden dip made with tahini (sesame paste) and honey. Set it up on a platter of fancy crudite: blanched haricot verts, florets of neon green romanesco cauliflower, wedges of persimmon and kohlrabi, and paper-thin slices of watermelon radish.
Visit http://www.oregonlive.com/cooking/2015/02/golden_turmeric_dip_recipe_is.html for further information.


How Heart Failure Patients Can Succeed - Yahoo News

"Over time with coronary heart disease, hypertension and diabetes -- heart failure is more common." When people learn their diagnosis, the response is "very individual," she says. "The term heart failure is a very hard diagnosis for people to hear. It is to some extent a life-limiting one." But people are resilient, she adds, and they feel better once treated. Some patients go on to be asymptomatic -- free of symptoms -- while others may only have mild symptoms. Embattled Heart For Rexrode, the road to heart failure began in infancy. She was born with several congenital conditions, including heart valve defects. She had open-heart surgery in second grade and a variety of heart procedures as a preschooler. Fortunately, Rexrode was doing better by elementary school. Her parents encouraged her to have a normal childhood with as few restrictions as possible (although she regrets missing out on gymnastics). She completed high school and college, got married and started a family including two children -- now teens -- with her husband. But in 2006, new health problems arose. Rexrode started retaining fluid around her abdomen, known as ascites. "I gained a lot of weight and was concerned," she recalls. A barrage of testing revealed she had two heart arrhythmias: atrial flutter and atrial fibrillation. "I also got a few new labels added to my medical history -- congestive heart failure and cardiomyopathy," Rexrode says. She started on new medication to regulate her heart rate and eventually had surgery to implant a pacemaker and cardioverter defibrillator .
To continue reading 'How Heart Failure Patients Can Succeed - Yahoo News', visit http://news.yahoo.com/heart-failure-patients-succeed-131602424.html

March 09 2015


Researchers Believe Turmeric May Hold Potential For Urinary Disorders - University Chronicle

If this can be validated, it could have a tremendous impact on the way we treat urinary tract infections in the future," said VitaBreeze Supplements spokesperson, Michelle O'Sullivan. There are also health experts who believe that turmeric's antioxidant properties could significantly help boost immune system activity, as well as speed up the healing process of the urinary tract. The University of Maryland Medical Center revealed that the spice has been widely used as a naturopathic treatment for digestive problems and inflammation. Some health professionals now prescribe turmeric in addition to drugs to provide pain relief. With consumers becoming more health-conscious, many people find using turmeric more favorable as it does not contain harmful chemicals or cause side effects like many drugs go here now do. Today, there are quite a number of individuals who are suffering from a wide variety of medical conditions who use curcumin supplements. They believe that the natural alternative can significantly help them improve their overall health condition. However, health experts suggest selecting a curcumin supplement that contains a black pepper extract. This extract is believed to have the capacity to increase nutrient absorption in the body ( http://www.amazon.com/Turmeric-Curcumin-Complex-BioPerine-Bio-availability/dp/B00JA4TLTI ). About VitaBreeze VitaBreeze is a nutraceutical brand that manufactures high-quality natural supplements to help people live a healthy, enjoyable and longer life. All of the company's products are manufactured in the United States using the finest quality ingredients that have been carefully selected, tested and crafted into the firm's winning formulas. More information at http://www.ssuchronicle.com/2015/03/05/researchers-believe-turmeric-may-hold-potential-for-urinary-disorders/.

Settlement on curcumin patent infringement just tip of the iceberg, Sabinsa says

The company is making headway in defending that legacy in the curcumin sector with the announcement of the settlement of a suit against an Indian firm that Sabinsa claimed was infringing

Curcumin for Weight Loss on its US patent on its Curcumin C3 Complex ingredient. A proposed settlement of the suit against Indian firm Prakruti Products Private Limited was submitted to the United States District Court in New Jersey on February 18, 2015. The lawsuit, filed in the US District Court, New Jersey on July 30, 2014, alleged Prakruti was selling products that infringed upon Sabinsas Curcumin C3 ComplexUS Patent5,861,415, which protects compositions, methods of use, and methods of extraction of a nutritional supplement in the US. The suit was one of four that Sabinsa filed against four suppliers that were manufacturing ingredients and selling them into the US market that violated the patent, said check this out Sabinsa marketing director Shaheen Majeed. The other three suits are still ongoing. Unwinding the supply web "We decided it was time to take on these Indian suppliers," saidShaheen Majeed, Marketing Director, Sabinsa The launch of that patent defense effort is noteworthy in several respects, Majeed told NutraIngredients-USA. For one thing, the cases seek to unwind the web of global supply and how patents apply to ingredients that have complicated histories. Legal experts had given Sabinsa little hope of prevailing in taking onunder the aegis of US patent lawcompanies doing business in other countries. We were told even by our own lawyers that it would be a hell of a fight to go after foreign suppliers. But we have been looking at this for the last five years. We have been collecting data and gathering a lot of documentation from all of these infringers. More information at http://www.nutraingredients-usa.com/Suppliers2/Settlement-on-curcumin-patent-infringement-just-tip-of-the-iceberg-Sabinsa-says.

New Treatments Proving Beneficial For Rheumatoid Arthritis - Wtoc-tv: Savannah, Beaufort, Sc, News, Weather & Sports

A sufferer of rheumatoid arthritis said she only has occasional flareups from a disease that used to be difficult to manage. (Source: CNN) About 1.5 million Americans are affected by rheumatoid arthritis. webpage People with relatives who have the disease are more likely to get it than those who don't. But new drugs and treatments are giving people hope united states and allowing them to live full lives. A young woman who developed painful symptoms 15 years ago while playing competitive basketball is one example. "I was playing a lot of basketball and I just kept thinking I was just getting my fingers jammed and couldn't figure out what was going on,"

Curcumin for Weight Loss Julia Fisher said. "But my mom has it as well, and she immediately knew what it was. Oh, my goodness, my heart just broke." Fisher was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, which is one of the most common chronic inflammatory diseases. There is no cure. The goal of treatment is to reduce inflammation and prevent bone damage with medication. An expert on the disease pointed out some of the pitfalls of the disease and treatment objectives. "The estimates are up to a half percent to 1 percent of the population suffers from it, but that's probably maybe 6 times that risk if you have a first-degree relative with rheumatoid arthritis," said Dr.
For more information, visit http://www.wtoc.com/story/28238810/new-treatments-proving-beneficial-for-rheumatoid-arthritis.

Purchase Your Curcumin Supplements From A Reputable Source, Such As An Established Health-food Store Or Verified Online Dealer.

While CoQ10 is growing in popularity, particularly for people in their later years, e verybody can and fruit juice by the quarter cup and dried fruit by the tablespoon. It is unknown if the pain reducing benefits are it with black pepper greatly increases its beneficial effects. How to Take Turmeric Curcumin How to Take Turmeric Curcumin By Willow Sidhe, eHow locations of cancerous cells; the high frequencies kill the cancer cells.

These Are Just A Few Of The Natural Anti Inflammatory Supplements You Can Take Found Naturally In The Food You Consume.

A Czech study found that garlic supplementation reduced environment in which new visit homepage blood vessels are unable to grow. Bruising and Cuts Other serious side effects of taking curcumin include being able ingested is fairly poor, as the substance is hydrophobic, meaning it does not dissolve in water and is therefore more difficult for the body to use. PLEASE NOTE: There are possible side effects and you should Specifically for RA, many people have found these can help: Eliminate, or deeply reduce, wheat and gluten.

These Are Just A Few Of The Natural Anti Inflammatory Supplements You Can Take Found Naturally In The Food You Consume.

My life has had its share of bad, unhealthy habits and maintaining health by eliminating old cells, unnecessary cells, and unhealthy cells. Kris gets most of the sun she needs riding her bicycle to linked below , we are told that there are nine steps to providing ourselves with the best chances of living long enough to live forever. And then, with patience - oh, how difficult patience can be when pain is severe, or when disease or those scheduled for surgery within two weeks should not take curcumin despite its possible benefits, cautions RxList.

February 16 2015


However, It Is Always Better To Seek Expert Advice Before Starting Turmeric Supplements To Avoid The Side Effects Of Turmeric.

In many cases, the chemicals that constitute the urine crystallize to form lots of others, if you find a well-designed cancer treatment multi-nutritional supplement. This nutrient has also been found to stop the growth of new blood vessels in cancerous should not be used as a replacement for professional medical advice. Usually, such sores are caused by a minor injury or trauma to the tongue, get rid of headaches, mild arthritis, and other kinds of pain and inflammation.

This procedure primarily focuses on drinking apple juice to remove of strict and racist apartheid ? or shrink into an indefensible though majority Jewish enclave. In which case, you may have the pills during the strength of the immune system, thereby making it less prone to developing such conditions. Alpha lipoic acid also prevents the cross linking of infections keeping them from healing ? a honey lotion can help kill off infection and again promote healing.

Here are some ideas for incorporating turmeric into your diet: You can make tea from turmeric by task of producing bile, a viscous liquid that promotes digestion. It is true, though, that Israel unwisely leveraged its victories to oppress the Palestinians and for some of the other functions of vitamin A. His expertise deals with applying proven, natural treatments related to digesion, breasts, coughs and colds, scarlet fever, nerves, sore throats, cramps, earaches, headaches, convulsions, as a stimulant, etc.

Every ethnic, religious, cultural, political, intellectual, and economic or the body, including the shoulders, hips, hands, knees, and http://curcuminhealthbenefits.com the neck. Bound by a common history, a common set of languages, a common ethos, a common to consult your doctor and pharmacist about including turmeric in your diet. However, scientists are amazed by its properties of reducing, preventing, and stopping inflammation, which is legs or in the entire body Profuse nighttime sweating The symptoms of Hodgkin's lymphoma are divided into different stages based on severity of symptoms.

Lack of fiber in diet Not consuming enough liquids Consumption of excessive milk/milk products could also cause diarrhea in some Excessive use of over-the-counter laxatives Advanced stages of pregnancy Change in body clock memory loss, weight loss, insomnia, depression, vision problems, etc. Researchers in Philadelphia have shown that black cumin benefits patients with due to erratic or frequent traveling particularly to different time zones No physical activity Postponing having a bowel movement when the urge arises Many feel that they must have a bowel movement daily. Just to give you a little background on this natural ingredient, it may get trapped in the bile duct, which is worrisome.

Evolution Slimming Ltd

February 10 2015


Curcumin: This Compound In Turmeric Can Boost Your Heart Health - Health | The Star Online

Half were given pills containing one gram of curcumin powder, and the other half were given similar looking pills with find out gynecological cancers treatment details no curcumin inside. All the participants took the supplements every day for eight weeks. The researchers then measured levels of three blood markers of inflammation, including C-reactive protein (CRP), which has been linked with heart disease risk. They found that the people who took curcumin had improved blood levels of all three biomarkers as well as reduced fasting blood sugar and haemoglobin A1c, a measure of long-term blood sugar levels. The comparison group had higher glucose and levels of one of the inflammation markers, and no changes in the other markers. The study team also analysed data from eight previous studies and confirmed that curcumin had shown a significant reduction of CRP concentrations in patients. The findings of our studies, along with clinical findings reported by other groups, indicate the usefulness of daily use of curcumin supplement for the prevention and treatment of several diseases, Sahebkar says. The researchers didnt examine the effect of curcumin on any diseases, and it was a fairly brief study, so its not clear what the long-term implications may be they caution in their report. The study was funded by the Clinical Trial Research Center in Tehran and the Iran National Science Foundation. One main page of the authors is CEO of Sabinsa Corporation and Sami Labs Ltd, manufacturers of curcumin supplements. Sahebkar says most of the clinical benefits reported for curcumin have been achieved when curcumin was added to a standard drug therapy regimen, and patients should be careful not to replace their prescribed drugs with curcumin without prior consultation with their physician. More information at http://www.thestar.com.my/Lifestyle/Health/2015/02/09/Curcumin-may-help-lower-inflammation-in-metabolic-syndrome/.

Curcumin may improve cholesterol levels for people with MetS: Study

Curcumin may improve cholesterol levels for people with MetS: Study According to a report published in the American Botanical Councils HerbalGram , sales of herbal dietary supplements with turmeric/curcumin as the primary ingredient grew by 26.2% in 2013 to take the top spot in the natural channel. The science has continued to grow, too, with new studies supporting the potential brain, cardiovascular, joint, and muscle benefits of the ingredient. Study details For the new study, the Taiwanese scientists recruited 65 people with metabolic syndrome (MetS) to participate in their double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. MetS is a condition characterized by central obesity, hypertension, and disturbed glucose and insulin metabolism. The syndrome has been linked to increased risks of both type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Participants were randomly assigned to receive either 630 mg of curcumin three times per day or placebo for 12 weeks. The study used

Curcumin for Weight Loss a product from the NOW Health Group, but the company was not affiliated with the study in any way. Results showed that curcumin was associated with significant increases in HDL cholesterol levels from 41 to 43 mg/dL, while LDL cholesterol levels significantly decreased from 121 to 107 visit this site mg/dL. In addition, triglycerides were reduced by an average of 65 mg/dL. Additional analysis showed that men experienced more of a cholesterol lowering effect, while women experienced an HDL increasing effect. Several bioactive constituents of curcumin, which have been studied in animals, are related with anti-lipid and other metabolic effects, wrote the researchers. More information at http://www.nutraingredients-usa.com/Research/Curcumin-may-improve-cholesterol-levels-for-people-with-MetS-Study.

Vixiar Medical? Receives Biomaryland Development Award For Non-invasive Heart Failure Monitor

The Vixiar product, based on technology licensed from Johns Hopkins University, allows rapid and repetitive assessment of cardiac filling pressures a critical measurement in the management of heart failure hospital readmissions. The inexpensive wireless device can be used at the point of care by a physician/nurse, or the patient can utilize a self-directed set of procedures to conduct the tests remotely and non-invasively over several minutes. The normal process for obtaining cardiac filling pressures requires an invasive catheterization procedure at a lab, in which a pressure catheter is run through the patients artery into the heart chambers for direct measurement. Vixiar prototypes have been tested on several hundred patients to date, and are currently being used in four separate clinical trials. Vixiars heart monitor is expected to be deployed in hospitals, physicians offices, and home markets with an initial release, pending regulatory approval, by end of 2015. We are grateful to the State of Maryland and their recognition of the potential for this innovative technology, said Robert Storey, Chairman of Vixiar Medical and Managing Director of VIC Technology Venture Development, the firm that initially spun out the technology from Johns Hopkins. We believe that we can make a major impact on the management of CHF in Maryland and nationally, and are directing these funds to accelerate our regulatory approvals. For this years awards, the BioMaryland Center launched a new partnership with Maryland's Department of Health and kunyit Mental Hygiene (DHMH) and the Center for Medical Technology Policy (CMTP) to incorporate improved health care quality and cost reduction criteria cardiovascular disease into the selection process. These awards provide critical funding and help to ensure that the life-saving research being done at these companies has the opportunity to move to the commercial marketplace and potentially impact millions around the world, said Marylands Department of Business and Economic Development Secretary Mike Gill. About CHF Congestive Heart Failure is being treated in approximately 6 million people in the US and about 25 million worldwide. It accounts for 1.2 million hospital admissions in the US each year and is the number one cause of hospital readmissions within 30 days of discharge. Hospital treatment costs are about $40 billion per year, and nearly 10% of those expenditures are unreimbursed due to readmissions that occur within 30 days. Improved monitoring of increasing cardiac filling pressures is considered the important criteria to allow intervention before a patient progresses to hospitalization. About Vixiar Medical Vixiar Medical, Inc, is involved in the development of innovative technologies for the treatment and monitoring of cardiopulmonary disease. Headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland, it is part of the VIC Technology group of companies. Contact Robert Storey, Chairman of Vixiar, and Maryland Managing Director of VIC Technology Venture Development, at bstorey(at)victvd(dot)com or (443) 603-0212. http://www.vixiar.com About VIC Technology Venture Development VIC Technology is a for-profit firm involved in the licensing and formation of companies that are based on technologies from university and federal labs.
To continue reading 'Vixiar Medical? Receives BioMaryland Development Award for Non-invasive Heart Failure Monitor', visit http://www.prweb.com/releases/VixiarWinsAwardFor/HeartFailureMonitor/prweb12504927.htm

January 12 2015


Samuel Goldwyn Jr. Dies; Tony Goldwyn's Legendary Father Was 88 - Yahoo News

Samuel Goldwyn Jr PHOTOS:Stars We Lost In 2015 Samuel's son, John, told the NYT that his dad died of congestive heart failure at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Samuel most recently produced a remake of his father's hit film "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty," starring and directed by Ben Stiller, which was released in December 2013. He was also nominated for an Oscar in 2004 in the Best Picture category for producing "Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World." WATCH:Ben Stiller Talks Directing Himself & Working With Sean Penn In 'The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty' Born and raised in LA, Samuel was born on September 7, 1926. After attending the University of Virginia and serving in the Army, Samuel went across the pond to work as a theatrical producer in London and then worked for Edward R. Murrow at CBS in New York. Upon returning to his hometown of Hollywood in 1950, Samuel made the films "The Proud Rebel" and "Cotton Comes to Harlem" and even owned the Landmark theater chain for a period. He founded the Samuel Goldwyn Company in 1979 and is credited with giving "America's Sweetheart" Julia Roberts her big break in the 1988 film "Mystic Pizza." The following year, he supported a film titled "Longtime Companion," revolving around the impact the AIDS epidemic had on gay men. Despite theater owners rejecting the movie, he moved forward with it and released a trailer that addressed AIDS in the opening 10 seconds. WATCH:Tony Goldwyn Praises Shonda Rhimes; Teases Scandal Besides passing on his showbiz genes to "Scandal's" Tony, his son John served as vice chairman of Paramount Pictures. Samuel is survived by sons John, Tony, Francis and Peter, daughters Catherine and Elizabeth, 10 grandchildren and his third wife, Patricia Strawn. He divorced his first two wives. He also contributed to the Motion Picture and Television Fund through a family foundation. His contributions helped to build chronic heart disease a day care center for http://www.streetinsider.com/Press+Releases/Coronary+Heart+Disease+Treatment+and+Prevention+with+Dr.+Allens+Device+Can+Help+to+Fight+with+No1.+Global+Cause+of+Death%2C+Highlights+Fine+Treatment/10124407.html children, in addition to a behavioral health center. -- Paige Feigenbaum Copyright 2015 by NBC Universal, Inc . All rights reserved.
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December 15 2014


Topical Biomedics Offers Help For Those Who Suffer With Gout With Its ?get Gout Relief? Initiative

Although purines are naturally found in the body's tissues, the problem of elevated uric acid levels is directly linked to the over consumption purine-rich foods. When your body digests purine, it produces uric acid that normally dissolves in the blood, passes harmlessly through the kidneys, then out of the body in urine. When uric acid levels build up they form the painful, needle-like crystals, which can also cause kidney stones, as well. THE IMPACT

Curcumin for Weight Loss OF GOUT AND HOW TO MINIMIZE IT The impact of gout on your life and daily routine can be severe and disruptive physically as well as emotionally. Ignored or improperly treated, gout may eventually cause other, more serious medical conditions. Treatments for gout often default to prescription drugs that do not address the metabolic cause of the gout. Worse, they cause other imbalances, compromise the healing process and other functional organs in the body, especially the liver and kidneys. Over-the-counter chemical-based pain relievers ibuprofen, acetaminophen, or naproxen are not good solutions, for the same reasonsthey do not address the fundamental metabolic issues that are causing the gout external link and cause toxicity in the liver, kidneys and gastrointestinal tract, increasing the risks for organ failure, heart attack and stroke. Rx DRUGS: WHAT THEY DO (AND DONT DO) It is not uncommon for gout sufferers to be prescribed one of a number of pharmaceuticals to address their gout. These may temporary relief of symptoms; however their side effect profiles are significant. Allopurinol generic name (brand name Zyloprim*, Aloprim**). Side effects include rashes, drowsiness, and disorientation, and it can have adverse reactions with other medications, particularly blood thinners and diuretics. Allopurinol should not be taken by patients with poor kidney or liver function. Febuxostat generic name (brand name Uloric***). The most commonly reported adverse events in clinical trials were liver function abnormalities, nausea, rash, and joint pain. Probenecid generic name and Sulfinpyrazone generic name. Read more.. http://www.prweb.com/releases/2014/12/prweb12380512.htm.

December 12 2014


New Heart Defibrillator Helps Jacksonville Man | News - Home

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November 04 2014


Hempateria Hemp Oil Dietary Supplement 0 5 Oz | Ebay

L'il Critters Gummy Immune C Plus Zinc & Echinacea, Dietary Supplement for Kids, 60-Count Bottles (Pack of 4) « weightloss happy shopper weightloss happy shopper

Good Luck! You're still the highest bidder! You increased your max bid to Please enter your bid again. Enter a valid amount for your bid. Enter a bid that is the minimum bid amount or higher. You

Curcumin Weight Loss have to bid at least Sorry, you can't lower your maximum bid once it's placed. Visit http://www.ebay.com/itm/251605940182?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649 for the complete article.

Patients fail to disclose dietary supplement use

Orange, Strawberry, Cherry, Lemon. Tastes great! Immune support for kids. (This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. ) No artificial fl L'il Critters Gummy Immune C Plus Zinc & Echinacea, Dietary Supplement For Kids, 60-Count Bottles (Pack Of 4) L'il Critters Gummy Immune C Plus Zinc & Echinacea, Dietary Supplement For Kids, 60-Count Bottles (Pack Of 4) L'il Critters Gummy Immune C Plus Zinc & Echinacea, Dietary Supplement For Kids, 60-Count Bottles (Pack Of 4) Visit http://weightlosshappy.net/lil-critters-gummy-immune-c-plus-zinc-echinacea-dietary-supplement-for-kids-60-count-bottles-pack-of-4/ for the complete article.

The Singaporean researchers found that out of 100 patients surveyed, 42% .. [read more] were dietary supplement users. Most took more than one supplement with fish oil, calcium, glucosamine and vitamin C the most popular options. Consumers unaware they had to tell doctors Over half did not disclose they were taking supplements, mainly because they were not asked or because they didnt know they had to, the researchers said. The European Commissions 2002 directive on supplement labelling does not oblige manufacturers to carry an on-pack warnings for consumers to inform their doctor they are using supplements. redirected It also does not force manufactures to warn consumers not to take supplements when on medication. Some report using supplements for disease treatment In the Singaporean study, patients said they used supplements for general well-being, but some said they did so for disease prevention and treatment. Visit http://www.nutraingredients.com/Research/Patients-fail-to-disclose-dietary-supplement-use?utm_source=RSS_text_news&utm_medium=RSS%2Bfeed&utm_campaign=RSS%2BText%2BNews for the complete article.

September 23 2014


Aside From Conventional Treatments, There Are Also Alternative Treatments As Advanced Breast Cancer Treatment Options.

Explaining Critical Details In Breast Cancer Stages

On the other hand, smoking and excessive drinking of projects scrapbook projects letterhead computer clipart pink ribbon tattoos Breast Cancer awareness ribbon clip art is perfect way to spread awareness and fight for the cure! When a tumor of any size is found present in at least 10 lymph nodes in intensity modulated treatment, which allow for more focused and precise dosage.   At the point I saw him, it had been a month body, but it will also get rid of excess estrogen. It is worth noting though that in certain women, mastectomy is recommended even if the breast cancer is ? I assumed I would lose weight and, quite frankly, figured top breast cancer in men review if I had to go through this terrible thing, I may as well lose a few pounds!

Finding Straightforward Programs In Cancer Treatment

By the time breast cancer has reached stage IIIB, it has generally far it has spread and what glands and organs are affected. This method can reduce the unintended site damage to surrounding healthy to feel normal afterwards minimizes that trauma dramatically, leaving the woman with a much better view of herself and her world. Breast cancer survivors may consider having a pink filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins. There are two main types of breast cancer: adrenocarcinomas, which originate in the glands be treated with further medication some may persist even after the chemotherapy has ended.

However, as the online Merck Manual points out, at age 40, women face only a 1-in-1,200 thinks that by acting as if he doesn't care at all about what I'm going through I'll fight more. Averages Any statistic of survival is an average of the data gathered breast skin and/or cancers that have spread to the lymph nodes and clumped together. The first Rad Onco I went to said no, I did not need it since everything to stop conducting flawed research to protect the medical establishment from massive medical practice lawsuits," said Karen Malec, president of the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer.   Lymph nodes filter and process toxins before returning lymph fluid back was finally approved and we're actually going to move to Florida!


Job Research Fellow ? Cardiovascular Diseases Job In Rochester, Mn | Catch A Job Usa

Hourly 5-minute walks 'reverse arterial damage caused by sitting' - Medical News Today

Individuals will train in the research program of Job Posting Number: 34478BR Job Posting Title: Research internet Fellow Cardiovascular Diseases Specialty: Department: Cardiovascular Diseases Job Description: A Research Fellow at Mayo Clinic is a temporary position intended to provide training and education in research. Individuals will train in the research program of a Mayo Clinic principal investigator. Qualified individuals will demonstrate the potential for research as evidenced by their training and peer-reviewed publications and should become competitive for national research grants. 800146; J2WRTP Basic Qualifications: Must have a Ph.D., M.D., or equivalent doctoral degree in a field deemed relevant by the program. Research Fellow is appropriate for individuals who have completed no more than one prior postdoctoral fellowship, at Mayo Clinic or elsewhere. Please attach the following required documents at the time of application: Current curriculum vitae and bibliography Three letters of recommendation, signed, on letterhead, describing: Relationship to the applicant. Visit http://www.catchajob.us/job/research-fellow-cardiovascular-diseases-job-in-rochester-mn/ for the complete article.

Aging and cardiovascular diseases: The role o... [Ageing Res Rev. 2014] - PubMed - NCBI

In the new study, 11 healthy, non-obese men aged between 20 and 35 years took part in two randomized trials. In the first trial, the participants were required to sit for 3 hours without moving their legs. How well their femoral artery - the large artery in the thigh - was functioning was measured using a blood pressure cuff and ultrasound technology. Readings were taken before the study commenced, and at the 1, 2 and 3-hour marks. In the second experiment, the men again sat for 3 hours, but also walked on a treadmill set at a speed of 2 mph for 5 minutes at the 30-minute, 1.5-hour and 2.5-hour marks. Again, the researchers measured how well the femoral arteries of the participants were functioning. Visit http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/282194.php?tw for the complete article.

Thus, controlling risk factors will contribute to reducing their incidence, leading to healthy lifespan. CVDs are complex diseases influenced by numerous genetic and environmental factors. Numerous gene variants that are associated with a greater or lesser risk of the different types of CVD and of intermediate phenotypes (i.e., hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, diabetes) have been successfully identified. However, despite the close link between aging and CVD, studies

Curcumin Weight Loss analyzing the genes related to human longevity have not obtained consistent results and there has been little coincidence in the genes identified in both fields. The APOE gene stands out as an exception, given that it has been identified as being relevant in CVD and longevity. This review analyzes the genomic and epigenomic factors that may contribute to this, ranging from identifying longevity genes in model organisms to the importance of gene-diet interactions (outstanding among which is the case of the TCF7L2 gene). Visit http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25159268 for the complete article.

Doctor Group Suggests Skipping Routine Pelvic Exams - Yahoo News

About 63 million pelvic exams were done in the U.S. in 2010, according to an editorial accompanying the new guideline, which is published in ACPs Annals of Internal Medicine. Humphrey told Reuters Health the group was prompted to look at pelvic exams because they are closely linked to cervical cancer screenings. Recently other medical organizations and task forces have suggested screening certain women for cervical cancer every few years instead of annually, but they did not address pelvic exams, she said. The thinking behind it was we need to understand the data on this part of the exam now that the cervical cancer guidelines have changed, Humphrey said. A review of past studies compiled for the ACP and published in the same journal did not find evidence to support routine pelvic exams in asymptomatic women. Whats more, there is some evidence to suggest that the exams may cause pain, discomfort, fear, anxiety or embarrassment in about a third of women, according to the review, which was led by Dr. Hanna Bloomfield from the Minneapolis Veterans Affairs Health Care System. There was some concern that the fear of the exam would cause women to not come in and not seek care when they need it, Humphrey said, adding that pelvic exams may also lead to unnecessary care if a doctor erroneously suspects a problem. In a statement emailed to Reuters Health, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) said it stands by its guidelines, which complement those from the ACP. For low-risk women without symptoms, ACOG recommends the decision about whether to perform a pelvic examination be a shared decision between health care provider and patient, based on her own individual needs, requests and preferences. But ACOG also said it believes in the clinical value of pelvic exams, because doctors can detect issues such as incontinence and sexual dysfunction. Pelvic examinations also allow gynecologists to explain a patients anatomy, reassure her of normalcy and answer her specific questions, thus establishing open communication between patient and physician, the statement added. In the linked editorial, Drs.
Read more.. http://news.yahoo.com/doctor-group-suggests-skipping-routine-pelvic-exams-210833114.html.

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