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Health Tip: Store Diabetes Supplies Safely News

Health Tip: Store Diabetes Supplies Safely Related Health News (HealthDay News) -- Safe storage of insulin and syringes can help maintain the integrity of medication and reduce the risk of injury. The American Diabetes Association suggests: Store insulin in an area that is protected against extreme heat and extreme cold. Avoid areas prone to temperature extremes, such as in your car, freezer or in more on turmeric health benefits facts direct sunlight. Check the expiration date on your insulin before using, and inspect it to be sure the insulin looks normal. Discard insulin that is expired, curcumin health benefits crystallized or clumped. Destroy or re-cap syringes when discarding them. Copyright © 2015 HealthDay . All rights reserved.

Discard Insulin That Is Expired, curcumin Health Benefits Crystallized Or Clumped.

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