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Heart For Tart: West Craven High School Helps A Teacher In Need | News - Wcti Newschannel 12

Today, they stepped their funding efforts up with as Walk-a-Thon. Related Mayor of Belhaven leads 283-mile walk Caroline Tart is a first year agricultural teacher at West Craven High School. At just 23-years-old, she suffers from Congestive Heart Failure and is in need of a heart replacement. Tart has used a pace maker since she was 14 years. She now finds herself waiting at the cardiac intensive care unit at Chapel Hill for a new heart. Teachers and friend, William Shaw, is hopeful that Caroline will find a heart soon. "Caroline is an extremely strong young lady, she had a tough heart spiritually. I known it's tough on her but I think this shows solidarity here today. It gives her strength to continue on." When students heard of Tart's medical needs, they wanted to help her in any way possible. "At West Craven we're more of a family, so we come together in hard times like this. We're going to support her, the most positive way we can." says student Deonta Horton So far the "Heart for Tart" campaign has raised almost $8,000 but that number continues to grow with t-shirt sales, raffle ticket purchases, and heart disease prevention various donations. "Heart for Tart" is planning on starting up a GoFundMe account on Monday. You go to website can follow Caroline Tarts blog at https://ctarttalks.wordpress.com/?ref=spellinghttp:// Copyright 2015 by WCTI12. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.
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