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For Those With Autoimmune Disorders, Pills And Radiation Aren't The Only Answer | Deseret News

Conventional wisdom says these conditions can neither be cured nor prevented, and treatment can only attempt to manage symptoms. Myers, however, is part of a growing number of doctors who argue that diet and nutrition can both prevent and reverse autoimmune disorders. When Myers, now 46, received her diagnosis in 2002, doctors told her she had three choices to reduce the symptoms. She could take a drug to slow the thyroids production schedule, surgically remove the gland or take a radioactive pill to kill it. Myers chose the first option and developed toxic hepatitis, as the drug went beyond her thyroid and damaged her liver as well. She stopped taking the drug and chose to destroy her thyroid with radiation a decision she regrets to this day. Now, 15 years later, an MD herself, Myers is on a mission to prevent other patients from facing the same limited choices. Conventional medicine failed me, she writes in her new book, "The Autoimmune Solution." I dont want it to fail you, too. Walking from the wheelchair Dr. Terry Wahls, 59, also began noticing symptoms in medical school

Curcumin for Weight Loss in 1980. She felt short bursts of facial pain but dismissed them because they were sporadic and she had hospital rounds to complete and patients to see. Wahls graduated in 1982, started her career as a physician in Iowa City, Iowa, married and had children.
For more information, visit http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865626239/For-those-with-autoimmune-disorders-pills-and-radiation-arent-the-only-answer.html.

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